Thursday, January 5, 2012

PKM Update 2-24-2012


Last week the dancers got a break so I am sure eveyone is ready for tomorrrow's Teaching Session! Since there was so much excitement about Annie's Zumba style warm-ups, we will try to put something together in that format:)

The evening with begin with Glee at 7:30. Krzysiu and Misia will be working those great voices of yours:)

Tomorrow's dance practice will be dedicated to refining Lowicz. Why Lowicz you ask? Because PKM will be performing it at Temple University's Celebration of Globalization performance. We sent in a tape of Lowicz and were accepted as a competitor for the event. The motivation to shine is especially strong as the winner of this competition (yes, it's a COMPETITION) receives $1000 prize:) I think it is definetly within our reach. But of course, we need to earn it. The event is in April but the organizers requested a dress rehearsal in March. More details at practice.

A number of PKM'ers will be trekking to NYC on Saturday to take part in the Zofia Czechlewska workshop. There is still space left in a the car so if you would like to go, let me know on Friday. The cost is $40 but PKM is covering $20 of that. Should be fun!

On Friday we will also talk about the July 21 performance in Baltimore. Some plans are already in place but others need to be discussed.

Attached you will find a sponsorship form for Misia's play that is coming up soon. Lets discuss on Friday how PKM will support this fabulous artist in our midst:)

Since there will be a Polish Home meeting on March 9, we will not have official dance practice that evening. Lets discuss if we want to use that evening for something else, like individual/small group lessons or Polish kareoke. This may be fun as that is the planned date for opening the newly rennovated Club Room downstairs....
Also taking place the weekend of March 9 is the Philadelphia Flower Show, where our Ania and Krysia are competing. Lets talk about making a group trip downtown that weekend to support them in their attempt to win two years in a row!